Fighting Inflammation with VOLANTÉ
Fighting Inflammation with VOLANTÉ


I’ve heard that inflammation is not good for the skin, yet everywhere I look, I find irritating and ingredients that inflame my skin. Is there another way to make out skin look younger without causing harm to the skin?


We  have learned that inflammation is a major cause of aging (if not the biggest contributor).  It is also known as “inflammaging”, a term used to describe how closely tied inflammation and aging really are.  Modern medicine - and a few enlightened pioneers - have taught us that inflammation inside our bodies is a bad thing.  We’ve always known that acute, fulminant inflammation is bad (and we can certainly feel it when we are ill) when we have a problem such as Gout, an acute injury, Arthritis, Hepatitis, or Encephalitis, etc.,)  but many of us don’t think about chronic, low-level inflammation that is secretly aging us every second of every day.  Things like diet, lifestyle, stress, and exposure to toxins in our environment all cause microscopic (and often macroscopic) aging.  What most of us haven’t considered is what we are using in our homes every day and how our skincare is causing inflammation and aging us.

Realizing that inflammation is all around us, every day, I saw the disconnect in the beauty industry very quickly when I opened my anti-aging medical center focusing on the care of the skin.  The professional grade products being sold into medical spas like mine were either completely ineffective, or they were filled with pro-inflammatory, irritating ingredients.  It was as if the dermatology world had completely ignored the learnings of modern medicine as to the role of inflammation in the health of our organs. The skin - the largest organ of our body and the organ responsible for protecting all of our other organs - had been carved out to specialists (Dermatologists) who to this day work with almost exclusively caustic and pro-inflammatory drugs, ingredients and formulas.  This misguided approach only serves to weaken the skin’s barrier and cause it to age faster.  And, any ingredient that makes the skin more photosensitive is, by definition, breaking down it’s protective barrier and rendering it more weak and unable to do it’s job.  

Instead, the beauty industry keeps coming out with more “kind and gentle” forms of Retinol, scrubs, peels, and alpha-hydroxy acids.  A new delivery system, delayed or lessened injury, less burn, etc.  This does not signal advancement!  Rather, we need to fight and neutralize inflammation in the skin with an anti-inflammatory approach and we need to stop using pro-inflammatory ingredients to fight such skin conditions as acne, acne scarring, wrinkles, cellulite, brown spots, etc.. We worry about the role of sun pollution, diet and lifestyle to our aging processes, but what most of us don’t give a second thought to is what we are doing to our skin in our homes every day and night. Why hasn’t someone looked at this insanity and put a stop to it?  Perhaps because they didn’t have a replacement for the seemingly effective pro inflammatory approach. Fortunately, we have the answer at VOLANTÉ Skincare.

Every VOLANTÉ Skincare formula is powered by my patented blend of anti-inflammatory, botanical actives (7VITAE®) that begins to de-flame, and de-age, the appearance of the skin within minutes of the first application of product.  Backed by an independent, clinical study of 35 women, VOLANTÉ Skincare was proven to exfoliate, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just five minutes.  At two and four weeks, skin was significantly firmed, and further hydrated, exfoliated, and continued reduction in fine lines and wrinkles was seen.  What this means to you is that every product in VOLANTÉ Skincare will help you skin re-establish the qualities of youthful skin - every application, every time - and, in record time.  7VITAE® contains an anti-inflammatory fruit enzyme that polishes the dead debris away from the surface of the skin so that all of the other potent actives can work faster and more effectively.  This game-changing paradigm shift is the DNA of VOLANTÉ Skincare and our distinct point of difference.  

When you are ready to try a whole new way to de-age your skin - one without inflammation or harm to the skin - give VOLANTÉ Skincare a try.  All of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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