Our Founder Discusses Exfoliation
Our Founder Discusses Exfoliation


"I've heard I need to be exfoliating my skin on a regular basis, but I haven't had the best of luck with various exfoliants. I used retinol for my acne as a teenager, which only dried out my skin and made it constantly uncomfortable. As an adult, I have used various scrubs, but my sensitive skin just doesn't respond well to them. Now that I’m older and starting to see fine lines, wrinkles and a little discoloration, retinol has again been recommended to me, but I’m scared to use it now! I want to be doing what is best for my skin, but have obviously had some setbacks. My question is: It is necessary to be exfoliating on a regular basis, and if so, what should I use?"


Thank you for your great question! There seems to be a lot of contradictory advice around exfoliation in skincare. Exfoliation is a critical step in achieving vibrant, glowing skin, but it really does matter what you use to exfoliate your skin. Also, too much exfoliation can actually lead to the breakdown of the skin’s barrier and cause premature aging. To clarify this a little better, it is important to understand the different types of exfoliation, and its various forms: chemical, mechanical, and enzymatic.

Chemical exfoliation really began to be recommended in earnest several decades ago with the advent of Retinoids and all of its derivatives, and alpha-hydroxy acids also fit into this category. This type of exfoliation uses pro-inflammatory ingredients to essentially "burn off" the top layer of skin, which can potentially and temporarily make the skin to look younger due to the exfoliation action. Of concern however, is the fact that in order to reap the benefits of these agents, you must inflame the skin, which we know is not healthy. (We know it is unhealthy to inflame the insides of our bodies, so the same should apply to our skin - the largest organ of our body, correct?)

Mechanical exfoliation encompasses scrubs and devices, all of which exfoliate the skin by physical means..There are numerous concerns and problems with these types of exfoliants. First, these exfoliators with scrubs, beads and nut shells are often very difficult to control and can easily be overused, allowing small particles to get lodged into pores and can actually injure and enlarge them. Second, devices can also be hard to control and can be easily overused, again causing inflammation and damage to the skin. Premature aging and thinning of the skin’s barrier can be a consequence of overdoing it with mechanical exfoliation.

The third type of exfoliation, and the one that is embraced by VOLANTÉ skincare, is anti-inflammatory, enzymatic exfoliation derived from fruit. This groundbreaking new way to polish and exfoliate the skin neither inflames the skin, nor thins the barrier. In fact, it helps to de-flame the skin and restore it to a healthy, glowing state. Because anti-inflammatory exfoliation is built into every VOLANTÉ skincare product, it saves you time, money, and mess, while also allowing all of the other ingredients to work faster and better. Best of all, there is no way to overdo exfoliation when using VOLANTÉ products, so there is no danger of unintentionally inflaming, thinning, irritating, or prematurely aging the skin. If you are looking for a solution to aging and inflamed skin and are ready to change the way you care for your skin, VOLANTÉ Skincare has a solution for you.

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