Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer, Founder of VOLANTÉ Skincare, Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with ‘The New Anti-Aging Revolution’
Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer, Founder of VOLANTÉ Skincare, Reaches Amazon Best Seller List with ‘The New Anti-Aging Revolution’

Over the past decade, Dr. VanderVeer, has worked at her eponymous anti-aging clinic located in Portland, Oregon, to find the solution to aging skin. By treating thousands of patients at VanderVeer Center to improve their appearance, she discovered the currently available products did not work in a meaningful way. They did not allow her patients to have younger looking skin – the very thing they sought from these anti-aging products. Dr. VanderVeer also realized that the current regimens offered and promoted for treating skin conditions, enhancing beauty and anti-aging purposes can also cause harm to the skin, resulting in premature aging of the skin.

In the book, Dr. VanderVeer expressed her concern, saying, “I believe we are causing significant harm to our skin, premature aging and a host of other problems by what we are told to do every day to make our skin look younger. Healthy skin has an intact barrier that protects us. I believe one of the misguided principles of Dermatology – and anti-aging philosophy in particular - is that we somehow have to over-aggressively stimulate and exfoliate our skin in order to make it look younger or to be healthier. We are told to use harsh acids, burning chemicals, abrasive scrubs and mechanical devices to irritate and disrupt the top layers of the skin.

All the while, we’re breaking the skin down. And, for the most part, the skin doesn’t look any better, and we know for a fact that it’s not healthier. My patients have told me over the past ten years that they don’t feel good in their skin; their skin hurts, it’s raw, red and angry. We know irritation is not good for the body. Calling on the principles of Internal Medicine, I knew there had to be a better way.”

As a doctor of Internal Medicine, not Dermatology, Dr. VanderVeer explains, “If you understand that the skin is the largest organ of our entire body and then you look at how we treat the other organs of the body, we would never intentionally irritate an internal organ of our body, such as the liver with hepatitis, or our brain with encephalitis, or our joints with arthritis. We would never do that intentionally and call that a state of health. In fact, physicians are now focused on decreasing irritation inside the body.”

With the release of ‘The New Anti-Aging Revolution’, Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer brings to light her concerns regarding how people unintentionally cause harm to their skin and accelerate its aging process. She also shares the results of her years of work that lead to the development of 7VITAE® - a botanically-based potent topical anti-irritation which is found in very high concentrations in VOLANTÉ® Skincare, which allows for rapid, healthy skin rejuvenation without redness, flaking, or painful irritation, without a prescription.

The New Anti-Aging Revolution reveals the passion and drive behind Dr. VanderVeer’s mission of Changing the Way the World Cares for Skin™ and is now available in the Amazon Kindle store at http://www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-VanderVeer-M-D-Anti-Aging-Revolution-ebook/dp/B013GUFAAU/

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