Beautiful Makeup Starts with Beautiful Skin
Beautiful Makeup Starts with Beautiful Skin

I have been told for over 30 years that it does not matter what you use to clean your skin.  Even dermatologists have told me to go to the drugstore and “use any cheap cleanser”.  I couldn’t disagree more.  I think it matters greatly what you use on your skin to take away dirt, pollution, makeup and more.  So, I created VOLANTÉ Skincare’s Luxurious Daily Cleanser.

Cleanser not only takes away dirt and grime, it also preps your skin for the next steps - for serum, lotion, and creams.  In the case of VOLANTÉ, it also starts the anti-irritation exfoliation process and leaves your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow.  Men and women of all ages and all skin types absolutely love this gentle, foaming cleanser that safely and effectively polishes the skin, while aloe vera and hyaluronic acid hydrate and plump the skin.  Hard to believe, this cleanser really is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions!  And, although it deeply cleans your skin of dirt and debris, it won’t strip the skin of oils or make your skin tight and dry.  Even the most oily and the most dry skin types can use this gentle, effective cleanser.

I know it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to cleanse the skin after a long, exhausting day, and I have certainly been guilty of going to bed with my makeup on.  However, every time I do so, I regret it.  And, every time I use the cleanser before bed - even if that’s all I get done before hitting the pillow - I am always glad I took the time to leave my skin fresh and clean before I get my beauty sleep. This ensures that I wake up with a fresh, glowing canvas ready to face the day - pun intended.  

Most people do not know that I received my undergraduate degree in Art and that I am a practicing painter.  However, the face and skin have been my canvas for most of my career, and good skin is the perfect canvas for this artist.  I also happen to love makeup, and I wear it - a lot of it - often.  When I have properly cleansed and cared for my skin using VOLANTÉ Skincare, my makeup goes on so much more smoothly and looks so much better.  Just as I like a smooth, clean canvas to paint on, so too do I like a clean, smooth canvas on which to apply my makeup.  VOLANTE Skincare - powered by my patented, anti-irritation blend that polishes away dead skin - provides the perfect prep for your “paint”.  And, it never fails that when I use VOLANTÉ’s ultra-hydrating and firming serum and cream, I receive the compliments of family and friends on my “canvas”.  

So, if you want a picture-perfect canvas on which to apply your makeup, be sure to cleanse your skin with VOLANTÉ Skincare’s Luxurious Daily Cleanser and see the beautiful results you can achieve.

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