More than Makeup
More than Makeup

Because nobody’s skin is perfect 100% of the time, concealer is any beauty addict’s secret to faking perfect skin. Although there is a sea of concealers to choose from, given the chance, wouldn’t you want your concealer to actually help heal the imperfection as you’re wearing it? It sounds too good to be true, but thanks to Dr. VanderVeer, it’s now a reality.

Don’t Just Cover, Help Heal

Always looking to solve a problem, our Founder, “Dr. V”, was inspired by a patient’s bruise to create Healer Concealer®. While working with patients in her non-surgical medical practice, VanderVeer Center, she saw that there was a need for an after-care skin product that could speed up the recovery time of bruises and other marks on the skin after patients received certain procedures, such as BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers. She started playing around with various botanical mixtures in her office that could help decrease irritation and accelerate healing time. Because, let’s be honest, a big ugly bruise hardly beckons that “I woke up like this,” effortless beauty that we’d like to convey.

The final botanical blend came to be her now patented anti-irritation complex, 7VITAE®, which is the DNA of the entire VOLANTÉ Skincare line. 7VITAE® is found in every VOLANTÉ product in very high concentrations and begins to de-age the appearance of skin on contact. Patients were so thrilled with the results of the pure 7VITAE® healing concoction, that she decided to take it a step further and add color to the blend. What emerged was Healer Concealer®, a high-performance, anti-aging concealer that effectively camouflages imperfections with the skin-healing benefits of 7VITAE®.

Healer Concealer, a Multitasking Wonder

So now that you’ve heard WHY Healer Concealer deserves a place in your beauty regimen, it’s time to show you just how many ways healer concealer can be used.

  1. As a healing cover-up for under-eye circles, bruises, blemishes, and irritation from chemical peels, waxing, bruising from injections, curling iron burns, seriously, anything you need camouflaged:

The original intended use for Healer Concealer®  is still the most popular use, and for good reason! When applied to irritated skin, skin healing is sped up by 50% or more. We have found that the best way to apply Healer Concealer® in this way is to warm up the product by rubbing a small amount between the fingertips, and gently dabbing it onto the area that needs coverage. If layering is required (especially for blemishes or dark under-eye circles), a damp beauty sponge does a beautiful job.

  1. As a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream:

For the girl who doesn’t require a lot of coverage, a skin-loving tinted moisturizer is the perfect way to showcase beautiful skin. However, a lot of tinted moisturizers on the market have a very small concentration of “skincare” ingredients, making them first and foremost makeup, not skincare. For an easy tinted moisturizer that will actually deliver on its promise complexion benefits, simply mix 1-2 pumps of Healer Concealer® with a lightweight day lotion and apply by hand, rubbing in circular motions until blended. Voila! Coverage that allows your skin to take center stage, while helping to improve skin health with every use.

Fancy the texture of a face oil instead of a lotion? When mixed with a nourishing facial oil, Healer Concealer® becomes a radiant BB Cream that delivers some serious glow. Only one drop of oil  is needed with one pump of concealer to achieve natural-looking perfection.

  1. As a Radiant Primer:

For those of you that prefer a little more makeup, we’ve got you covered. Mix one pump of Healer Concealer® with a bronzey sheer illuminator and apply with fingertips to moisturized skin. Let the mixture sit for a minute or two, then apply foundation over the top in areas that need additional coverage. The bronzey color works with the concealer to provide a gorgeous canvas for foundation, and this method also helps transition your Fall/Winter foundation shade into Spring/Summer. There are many beautiful illuminators that work with Healer Concealer®, but our favorite of the moment is Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel.

Do you have a favorite way to use Healer Concealer®? Do you have a great Healer Concealer® before-and-after? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments to share your ideas!

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Healer Concealer :

healer concealer

Upon application, Healer Concealer® visibly brightens, camouflages, and actively helps heal the skin with 7VITAE®, Dr. VanderVeer's patented blend of anti-irritation, anti-aging ingredients, including Arnica Montana, Calendula, and Zinc. This concealer transcends the role of traditional concealer by helping to decrease the healing time of bruises, burns, post-treatment trauma, and blemishes by 50% or more.

Revitalizing Day Lotion:


This lightweight, fast absorbing lotion nurtures the skin with highly effective ingredients without the heaviness that traditionally accompanies anti-aging moisturizers, making it the perfect lotion to mix with Healer Concealer® for a beautiful tinted moisturizer. Created with 12% of 7VITAE®, Dr. VanderVeer's patented anti-irritation botanical complex, this lotion works to help reduce irritation on contact, while soothing redness and irritation, combating dryness, and rebalancing the skin. Potent antioxidants help protect against environmental stressors and prevent free-radical damage for a glowing, healthy complexion.

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