Out of the mouth of babes…..

My girlfriend sitting next to me was quite a few years older than me, but as we had been friends for decades, I had never given her age a second thought.  But, her sweet, innocent grandbaby saw her face as “old”, as told by her etched face and redundant skin.  Of course this child was not being malicious or intentionally hurtful, but the sting lingered for my friend.  

So, what can you expect from your skin care with regards to your face if you are in need of an iron?  Skincare has come a long way, for sure, and we can now offer a significant firming and lifting effect with advanced peptides.  We use two peptides called “Matrixyl” - Matrixyl Synthe 6® and Matrixyl 3000®.  Both of these peptides are put into VOLANTE Skincare at clinical levels, meaning there are studies to support our claims of firming from the use of our products.  Most people do not know  that when formulating a product you can sprinkle a minute amount of an ingredient into that formula and still claim it is in the formula, but it’s effect will not be experienced.  Contrast that to putting in a clinical level of an ingredient and being able to make claims of firming based on white papers and studies performed by the company that makes the ingredient.  

In an independent clinical study performed for us at VOLANTE Skincare, we measured the firmness of the skin using our Radiant Youth Firming Creme.  After two weeks - just 14 days - there was a highly statistically-significant improvement in the skin firmness as measured by diagnostic equipment.  That means that you can have visibly firmer skin in just two weeks. Who wouldn’t want that - no matter your age?  If you are young without wrinkles and use this creme, you can maintain your wrinkle-free skin.  If you are a bit older, or have the effects of too much fun in the sun, you can vastly improve the firmness of your skin by using this creme.  With continued use, the skin stays firm and lifted, making you look substantially more youthful..  

So, whether your skin needs a little ironing or a lot, VOLANTE Skincare can vastly improve the appearance of your wrinkles and provides a significant lift to your skin.  The choice of product to use - serum, lotion, or cream - is one of skin type and what texture you like in a skincare product. No matter your age or skin type, we have a formula suitable for you.https://youtu.be/PufZTdn2jG0

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