Skincare By The Decades
Skincare By The Decades

Ages 0-25 = protection and hydration
Ages 26-45 = hydration and exfoliation
Ages 45+ = exfoliation and firming

Our skin protects us for decades - a lifetime - and we rarely have to even think about it’s changing needs based on our age. However, our skin does need a little TLC depending on its decade, so let’s dive in. Of course it’s a bit arbitrary to create lines in the sand regarding our skin’s needs, but a few generalities are fine.

Our skin’s first needs in life are really all about protection and hydration. Proper use of zinc-based sunscreens during the first few decades of our life will really pay off later in life. Of course, we are largely dependent on others (thanks Mom!) to assist us with this task when we are very young, and continuing the habit of wearing sunscreen in our teens and early 20’s will ensure that we prevent damage that will “suddenly appear” on our bodies and faces later in life. Additionally, most youthful skin has plenty of oils and lipids, so hydration (water content) is important in our skincare. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products are ideal for this age group and fortunately products containing HA are abundant, including every VOLANTÉ Skincare formula. Avoidance of irritating ingredients and pore-clogging formulas (look for non-comedogenic products) is also important to prevent breakouts and scarring.

As we enter our late 20’s and early 30’s, our skin begins to lose collagen every year and its natural turnover starts to slow down, causing pores to clog, skin to dull, and we see our first wrinkles (usually around the eyes and between the brows.) Hydration and exfoliation are critical to maintaining glowing, healthy skin during these years. Unfortunately, this is also a time when we are advised to use pro-irritation topical products, devices and scrubs. All of these cause topical irritation of the skin and begin to deleteriously affect our skin on a deep, microscopic level. Additionally, over-aggressive exfoliation can strip our skin of natural oils, which then can cause our skin to produce more oil, causing breakouts and dryness. It can be a vicious cycle, and I remember it well. Oily, dry, oily, dehydrated, oily, dry. You get the picture. It can feel like your skin is on a perpetual see-saw - never balanced and comfortable. It is important to gently and safely exfoliate your skin and keep it well-hydrated during these years. I recommend an anti-irritation fruit enzyme (Bromelain) for the job and have put that enzyme into my patented botanical blend 7VITAE® and into every VOLANTÉ Skincare product.

Entering our 40’s and beyond, our skin’s need for exfoliation increases as our body’s natural ability to turnover decreases significantly. This leads to dullness and loss of radiance, causing us to look older and less vital. This is also a time when damage from sun exposure - sometime decades earlier - comes to the surface in the form of brown spots, freckles, redness, enlarged pores, and sagging. Daily exfoliation is critical, both for revealing fresh skin, but also important for allowing access of other skincare ingredients to that fresh skin that can combat the signs of aging. Advanced scientific peptides are able to help firm, brighten and lift the skin, and they are infused into anti-aging skincare products. Every VOLANTÉ Skincare formula contains clinical levels of numerous peptides to provide superior anti-aging results.

Of course, healthy skin is closely tied to our chronological age and internal age, and diet, nutritional status, and lifestyle choices all play a significant role in the appearance of our skin and how we appear to age. A healthy internal state is always going to benefit our skin in numerous ways. And, just as we now know that irritation inside of our bodies is bad for our health, we now know that irritation of the skin is likewise deleterious to not just our appearance, but our overall health as well. So, regardless of the decade you are in, or the specific skin concern that you may have, an anti-irritation skincare regimen that hydrates, exfoliates, and firms is just the answer to the needs of nearly all skin types and skin ages. VOLANTÉ Skincare is here for you.

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