The Best Ingredients for Skin Care - The Benefits of Daisy Flower
The Best Ingredients for Skin Care - The Benefits of Daisy Flower

Every VOLANTE Skincare formula is powered by this patented blend - 7VITAE - that hydrates, exfoliates, brightens, and helps firm your skin. We pulled together the best ingredients for skin care. Every ingredient is a multi-tasking powerhouse designed to work with your body to bring out the best in your appearance.  But what are these powerhouse ingredients and what do they do?

Best Ingredients for Skin Care - Daisy Flower ExtractLet’s take a deeper dive into the Daisy Flower. The common daisy can be found on every continent except Antarctica and has a long history for its healing powers. The amazing part – Daisies make up 10% of all flowering plants on earth.

A Symbol of Innocence and Purity

Not a person on earth can resist a handful of fresh daisies. They bring a smile and brightness to the day. The name originated from an old English term ‘daes eag’ or ‘day’s eye’ due to the fact it’s petals open with the sun. As a cultural icon, daisies have dominated in home and personal fashion, adding a layer of brightness and sense of spring that never really goes out of style. In literature, we have Daisy Buchanan who was pivotal to the best selling novel, The Great Gatsby, with her name symbolic of her backstory and character. The references in pop culture represents freedom and the ideal of the sixties flower children. Daisies have been and will always be prevalent in society.

The Many Uses of the Common Daisy

Due to the availability of the flower, it makes perfect sense that we found that nature had provided us with a blockbuster with incredible medicinal properties. Dating back to Egyptian times as early as 2200 BC, they were harvested in the gardens for medicinal purposes and have survived the test of time through many ages for these properties. Botanists have long heralded the benefits using it for treatment of bruises, swelling, migraines, digestive issues, and many more common ailments. Aside from these common uses, it was also found to be the best ingredient for skin care.

Bright As A Daisy

We all know the expression and literally this is the first benefit to the skin. It helps brighten and boost the skin’s natural beauty, and is one of the best ingredients for skin care. Daisy Flower Extract is a common ingredient in various categories of skincare ranging from whitening agents, serums, toners, and ointments. Daisy flower extract contains a naturally occurring substance called L-arbutin that aids and helps with lightening the skin. With the past trend in skincare, Daisy Flower extract is the natural and healthy alternative to a very common chemical called Hydroquinone. For individuals looking for a natural and safe method to brighten skin, as well as sensitivities to the chemical laden products, Daisy Flower extract provides the natural solution.

Best Ingredients for Skin Care

Daisy flower extract treats various signs of aging. As a brightening agent it is the perfect natural solution for sunspots. With its whitening power, it brings back the luminosity and brightness back to the skin’s surface. Daisy Flower is also effective at evening out skin tone. As a complex organism, the Daisy Flower is rich in antioxidants, along with malic and tartaric acids. These acids assist in skin firming and are effective in fighting wrinkles and saggy skin making it the best ingredient for skin care

Put It All Together in a Bouquet!

Volante Skincare, composed of a curated line-up of anti-irritation and de-aging nutrients, 7VITAE® is the secret to restoring the skin to a healthy state. Each if these are the best ingredients for skin care — Daisy Flower, Aloe Vera, Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Calendula, Grape Seed, and Zinc—catalyzes the skin’s natural healing powers and restores a healthy glow to the skin immediately.

Best Ingredients for Skin Care - 7VITAE

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