As a Clinician and Board Certified Internist, Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD, saw first-hand how chronic disease, acute illness and lifestyle choices were reflected in her patient’s skin health. When Dr. VanderVeer opened her private, aesthetic medical practice in 2004, she studied anti-aging methodologies and researched how best to care for her patients’ skin. What she found surprised her.

The goal of modern Internal Medicine is to decrease inflammation of our organs in order to achieve optimal health. Yet, counter intuitively, dermatologists are taught that in order to make skin healthier and look younger, it must be irritated and inflamed. When Dr. VanderVeer employed those methods with her own patients, she saw them struggle with traditional regimens and ingredients that often left their skin uncomfortable and raw. She knew that there had to be a better way.

Over time, it became increasingly clear that we should treat our skin – the largest organ of our body - with the same care and respect that we do the other organs of our body. Dr. VanderVeer believes the way to achieve optimal skin health is to decrease inflammation in the skin, much like Cancer and Heart Disease are treated.

Eight years later, working with fellow Physicians, Botanists and Chemists, VOLANTÉ® Skincare was born. The regimen is powered by 7 VITAE®, a patent-pending blend of the most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients available without a prescription. This blend allows your skin to rest, rejuvenate and repair without redness, flaking, painful irritation; or SkinflammationTM; fundamentally changing the way the world cares for skin.

*Results may vary from person to person.