Goodbye Winter, Hello Sunshine
Goodbye Winter, Hello Sunshine

As I travel across the US, I have heard from people in all four corners of this country (and in the middle too) what a long, cold winter it has been. Rain, cold, snow and ice have plagued much of this country for months. As we slowly exit our winter hibernation, our skin has likely taken a beating and is ready to bask in the warmer temperatures and sunshine. With a few quick tips, our skin can be summer-ready in no time. Our skin needs three key things as we transition into spring and summer: Exfoliation, Hydration and Protection. Fortunately, there are few simple steps we can take to accomplish all of these in record time, revealing a fresh, glowing visage.


Our skin’s natural turnover can slow significantly in winter months, leaving behind a dull, lifeless complexion. How we exfoliate our skin is critically important, because many exfoliants - both chemical (think retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids), and physical (think scrubs and devices) - can leave our skin stripped of it’s natural barrier and cause it to be photosensitive (more sensitive to the damaging rays from the sun). While exfoliation is key to banishing the dullness left behind from winter, I recommend staying away from pro-inflammatory ingredients and prefer to use an anti-inflammatory, fruit enzyme exfoliant. You can find this ingredient, bromelain, in many leading-edge formulas, including every VOLANTE Skincare product.


Most of know we need to drink water to stay hydrated and healthy. But you also need water in and on your skin. Winter months with the cold winds and dry air can significantly dehydrate our skin, causing it to sag, reveal more fold, and show fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrated skin requires two things: water (usually hyaluronic acid), and an emollient barrier (usually a lipid or petrolatum ingredient) to keep the moisture in the skin. Believe it or not, actually drinking water does not have a profound and quick effect on the skin. If we wake up with dry skin, reaching for a glass of water isn’t going to do much for your parched skin staring back at you in the mirror. You are better off reaching for a rich moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid with or without that glass of inner hydration. VOLANTE Skincare’s patented blend, 7VITAE, contains this vital age-defying, hydration ingredient, and our Intensive Repairing Serum provides clinically proven 24-hour hydration, suitable for all skin types..


Prolonged sun exposure requires protection, and most of us know this by now. What many of us don’t know is what type of sunscreen to choose, and too often, we get mislead by an SPF number or technical ingredient story. The only word to remember when choosing your protection is Zinc. The days of white strips on our faces is long gone, and here to stay is clear zinc oxide. This amazing anti-aging ingredient both protects and helps our skin heal. Once on the skin, it serves as a reflective mirror on the surface, bouncing back the harmful UV radiation. Unlike chemical sunscreens (think PABA), this provides complete protection from UV-A and UVB rays. The only time you need to reapply this type of sunscreen is after swimming, sweating, exercise, or bathing. VOLANTE Skincare does not use any chemical sunscreens in any of its products, leaving your free to choose the zinc-based sunscreen you prefer. We currently recommend Colorscience’s Sunforgettable powder SPF 50 sunscreen.

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