*"I have been using these products for six months and my skin has never looked better. I'm 70 years old and my skin looks better than it did when I was 40. My husband complimented me on my skin! My friends want to know what my secret is. I tell them they absolutely have to try this line."*
—LZ age 70

*"I am seeing more and more guests coming into our spa that are using Volante. The feedback is wonderful and their skin looks fabulous!"*

*"I have tried so many eye creams and FINALLY found one that really works! I have noticed my dark circles and crow's feet look so much better and I do not get irritation. I use this cream twice a day, it dries quickly on my skin so it works under makeup. I must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this eye cream!"*

*"I started using Dr. Vanderveer's Volante Skin system a month ago. Prior to that time I had to use Proactive to control acne on my mature skin. I stopped using Proactive and not only have I not had one problem, my skin feels different. Smoother, Softer, moisturized. All other products are drying and still do not stop the flare-ups. This is a wonderful product. I wouldn't go without it."*

*"I LOVE this Night Crème! After just the first use, I noticed a difference in my skin the next morning. Going on, it's hydrating but not greasy or heavy. The next morning, my skin was smoother and still hydrated and supple. (I also use the Intensive Repairing Serum underneath the night cream). I would recommend this to anyone! It's great."*

*"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERUM! My skin loves this serum, it's so silky and dries completely. I use it twice a day and I noticed a change in my skin the next day! I get no redness/bumps and my skin glows! Everyday I use this product my skin looks better with less sun spots and appears firmer. I have to admit I will also mix a little with my foundation as it applies so much better! I'm addicted to this serum!!"*

*"I just received my Luxurious Daily Cleanser, Revitalizing Day Lotion, and Intensive Repairing Serum! I felt like my skin was being nourished and absolutely loved how clean, yet moisturized my skin felt immediately after washing my face. Usually, my skin feels tight and drained of the "good" oils I need for anti-aging. I always struggle with feeling like my skin is clean enough for clearing the skin, but moisturized enough to treat and prevent wrinkles."*

*"I have used the eye cream now for 2 months, and the wrinkles under my eyes are getting better in that short time. It feels great under my makeup, too. It's hard to find an eye cream that doesn't make your makeup drip off, and this texture is perfect. I am really pleased."*

*"My skin is very dry and has sun damage. I should have took before and after photos. I'm 51, my face has never looked better. Moisture that lasts all day, fine lines and wrinkles are gone. My skin glows and I've even gone without make-up. I love this creme!!!!"*
–Review posted on HSN.com

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