Elizabeth, Founder and President of VOLANTÉ® Skincare, believes everyone – regardless of age or skin type - deserves to feel empowered by great skin.

After attending medical school and completing a residency in Internal Medicine,  Elizabeth dedicated her medical career to the practice of non-surgical aesthetic medicine In her clinic located in Portland, Oregon.  There, she conducted basic science research and studied anti-aging science and optimal skin health. She worked for years to create a now-patented blend of the most potent, anti-irritation botanical actives available without a prescription - 7VITAE. Every VOLANTÉ formula is powered by high concentrations of this transformative blend.

Elizabeth is proud to bring her revolutionary products to women and men of all ages. helping them look youthful and healthy. All skin conditions - particularly Skinflammation and Inflammaging - are effectively addressed with her game-changing approach.  Backed by an Independent Study, VOLANTE Skincare begins to reverse three signs of aging just five (5) minutes after the first application of product.  It will leave your skin with results you can see in the mirror after just one use.  In an Independent Consumer Study of the Restorative Night Creme, 94% of women said they saw a difference in their skin after just 24 hours.  Are you ready to change your skin?

Elizabeth has developed a pioneering solution that delivers optimal skin health and real anti-aging results via an anti-irritation approach, and she is proud to bring her game-changing skincare regimen to life. She has seen firsthand how the products are changing the skin – and the lives - of VOLANTÉ Skincare customers. With the very first use of VOLANTÉ products, their skin is de-aged, and in less than four weeks, their skin is reborn. These amazing results are seen without any irritation. Now, men and women of all ages can experience the joy of youthful, healthy skin.

*Results may vary from person to person.