Let’s Talk Skin Type
Let’s Talk Skin Type

Finding your true skin type is more complicated than identifying yourself as “Dry, Normal, or Oily”.  When I was growing up, Clinique launched their revolutionary skin-typing system and simplified all of our lives with their 3-step product program (with the recommended products based on the dry/normal/oily paradigm.)  Understandably, Clinique still is a leader in the skincare category with their streamlined, simple system.  

But, our skin type is more than those three simple words.  Many of us have more than one skin type, and many of our modern treatments can actually complicate our skin typing and even can change it.  Harsh chemicals, burning acids, and abrasive scrubs can make our skin sensitive and irritated, and the wrong ingredients can make normal skin appear like problem skin, and make oily skin dry and dehydrated, for example. Other important considerations when choosing the appropriate skincare for for your skin type includes the texture and finish of the product.

Regardless of skin type, thorough cleansing is a must.  Washing off makeup, sunscreen, and the dirt of the day is essential.  I have heard for 30+ years that it does not matter what kind of cleanser you use (I was told by a Dermatologist to “go to the drug store and get any inexpensive cleanser”), but I couldn’t disagree more.  Cleansing our skin is a very important step, and essential to healthy skin.  I recommend a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin such as VOLANTÉ Skincare’s Luxurious Daily Cleanser

There are differing opinions about toning the skin after cleansing.  My personal opinion is that this step is more a matter of personal preference than actual efficacy, but using the wrong toner can complicate your skin type.  If you choose to use a toner, pick one that doesn’t have alpha-hydroxy acids or other harsh ingredients.  A toner should feel refreshing and calming, not tingly or burning.  

Serums come next and there is a plethora of options available. Serums come in a variety of textures and range of ingredients.  Typically, serums are the most concentrated topical we use and often contain the most active ingredients, but sometimes serums can actually irritate your skin because of these actives.  Many serums are now multitasking, saving you time, money and mess.  Look for serums that will combat irritation and provide antioxidant protection. VOLANTÉ Skincare’s Intensive Repairing Serum  is a multitasking powerhouse that hydrates, exfoliates, firms, and treats fine lines and wrinkles - all in one step, all in one product. The serum accomplishes all this via an anti-irritation mechanism - making your skin healthy all the while it is making your skin beautiful.  It is suitable for all skin types, lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky soft. Serums are a very important step in a skincare routine.

Finally, creams and lotions! There are literally tens of thousands of creams and lotions available to treat the spectrum of skin types and skin conditions. Sorting through the hype and jargon is a formidable task, and it’s no wonder that most women do not like to change their skincare routine once they have found a system that works for them.  However, skincare technology is advancing all the time and new, groundbreaking products seem to be arriving by the day.  Thought leadership is now focusing on not irritating the skin in any way, and we are seeing harsh and irritating ingredients replaced with good-for-you, anti-irritation nutrients, as well as advanced peptides for firming, hydrating, and exfoliating the skin.  

The specific choice of cream or lotion is one of personal preference and skin type.  Most people with Dry/Sensitive prefer a cream, while people with Normal/Combo and Oily skin types may prefer a lotion.  It is always advisable to make only one change to your skincare routine at a time so that you can accurately assess if you like the product and that it agrees with your skin.  I find that it usually takes 5-10 days to really see how you like a product, but most skincare companies will advise a trial period of 2-4 weeks.  It is not uncommon to switch back and forth between a cream and a lotion depending on the climate that you live in and time of year.   

Once you know your skin type and your personal preferences for texture and type of product, you can easily enjoy the benefits of your products while minimizing any potential for undesired side effects.

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